California Archives Month

California Archives Month, part of the greater American Archives Month, is a collaborative effort by professionals and repositories around the state, and indeed the nation, to highlight the importance of historical records.

Archivists are professionals who assess, collect, organize, preserve, maintain control of, and provide access to information that has enduring value, and they help people find and understand the information they need in those records. Find out more about Archivists.

California Archives Month Poster 2013

Working to Preserve Our History: Archives Month 2013

Throughout the month of October events will take place around the state to celebrate the unique and valuable historical colections in our archives, special collections, and historical societies

Celebrate the value of California’s historical records and recognize those who maintain our historical resources, local government archives, historical societies, genealogical societies, business archives, and university archives.

The California State Archives, Society of California Archivists, California Historical Records Advisory Board, and National Archives encourage archives, libraries, museums and historical societies to plan special events or exhibits that highlight their collections of valuable documents and artifacts. Repositories might invite the public to behind-the-scenes tours, have workshops on using their collections, give talks on research resulting from their collections, or just have a party. Exhibits that are open during Archives Month can also be included (even if they open beforehand).


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