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Each year California produces an Archives Month poster. The California Archives Month Poster Coordinating Committee chooses a theme and asks archives and libraries from around the state to submit images related to that theme. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the California Historical Records Advisory Board, the California State Archives, the Friends of California Archives, the National Archives, and the Society of California Archivists. The poster is then designed using the image or images that best represent the theme and also work well in a poster format.

Planning for the 2018 California Archives Month poster is currently underway.

“Celebrating California’s Counterculture,” was the theme for the 2017 California Archives Month poster. Counterculture movements of the 1950s and 1960s including the Beat Generation literary movement and the hippie subculture had roots in California and affected the nation. The California Archives Month 2017 poster recognizes the transformative events of the 1960s including, but not limited to, the 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love,” war protests, and civil rights movements.

The California Archives Month 2017 poster can be seen below. Other California images that could not be used on the poster were added to the gallery that is viewable on this website. You can also view previous years posters.

2017 ca archives poster

Celebrating California’s Counterculture: California Archives Month, October 2017.

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