International Comparative Prison Publications
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International Comparative Prison Publications

International Comparative Prison Publications 1.1 Which entities modify what sort of gambling and social/talent gaming and social/talent gaming hobby on your jurisdiction?

Relevant Product

Who regulates it in digital form?

Who regulates it in land-based totally shape?

Casino gaming (which include slots and on line casino table video games including roulette & blackjack)

Sports/horse race making a bet (if regulated separately to different sorts of betting)

Fantasy betting (fee to lower back a ‘league’ or ‘portfolio’ selection over a period of time, as an example with regards to recreation or stocks)

Not relevant.

International Comparative Prison Publications

Social/Skill arrangements

“Social” gaming with out a prize in cash or cash’s worth

Not relevant.

Skill video games and competitions with out a element of threat

1.2        Specify: (i) the regulation and law that applies to the Relevant Products for your jurisdiction; and (ii) – in extensive terms – whether it lets in or prohibits the provide of Relevant Products to men and women placed in your jurisdiction.

The felony framework governing Macau’s gaming industry is the subsequent (by way of quarter and in chronological order):

1.         Pari-mutuels

Decree-Law no. 7611 of 26 August 1964 (law for greyhound racing), with amendments.

Ordinance no. 27/86/M, dated 1 February 1986 and Law no. 12/87/M, dated 17 August 1987 (Instant Lottery).

Concession Contract signed with Macau Horse Race Company Limited, dated 4 August 1995, that’s in pressure until 31 August 2042.

Ordinance no. 163/ninety/M, dated 27 August 1990 (Horse Racing and Pari-mutuels).

Decree Law no. 151/91/M of 12 August 1991 (“Double-Trifecta”).

Decree Law no. 132/94/M of 24 May 1994 (“All-Up Quinella”).

Decree Law no. ninety three/97/M of 5 May 1997 (“Triple-Trio”).

Decree-Law no. 12/ninety eight/M of 9 February 1998 (“Triple-Winner”, “Double-Quinela”, “Double-Trio” and “Six-up”).

Executive Order no. 22/2000 of three April 2000 (Greyhound “Classified Quinela” Regulation).

Executive Order no. 53/2000 of 17 August 2000 (Horse Racing “Classified Quinela” Regulation).

Executive Order no. forty seven/2001 of 30 October 2001 (“Triple Trio”).

Order of the Secretary for Economy and Finance no. sixty three/2003 of 15 August 2003 (horse racing betting thru the internet).

Note: the law on greyhound racing has no longer been revoked, no matter there being no concession for that activity in area.

2.         Games of Chance and Fortune

Decree-Law no. forty seven/ninety eight/M, dated 26 October 1998 (Administrative Licensing Legal Framework).

Decree-Law no. 39/ninety nine/M, dated 3 August 1999 (article 1171 of the Macau Civil Code).

Decree-Law no. forty/ninety nine, dated 3 August 1999 (Commercial Code: gaming businesses and business contracts).

Law no. 16/2001, dated 19 September 2001 (“Macau Gaming Law”: placing the general framework for the operation of video games of fortune in casinos).

Administrative Regulation no. 26/2001, dated 29 October 2001 (sets the general terms of the general public soft required to pick out the concessions to perform video games of fortune in casinos, in addition to the suitability and financial potential requirements of bidders and concessionaires).

Administrative Regulation no. 6/2002, dated 20 March 2002 (units the rules and requirements for the licensing of gaming promoters’ operations), amended by Administrative Regulation no. 27/2009, dated 10 August 2009 (regarding the price of commissions or different remunerations to be paid by way of gaming concessionaires to gaming promoters).

Law no. five/2004, dated 14 June 2004 (Gaming Credit Law).

Law no. 10/2012, dated 27 August 2012 (establishes the phrases to enter, paintings and gamble in casinos).

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Law no. 10/2012, dated 27 August 2012, with amendments delivered by using Law no. 17/2018, dated 27 December 2018 (frequency of casinos).

Administrative Regulation no. 26/2012, dated 26 November 2012 (sets the policies applicable to the deliver of gaming machines and related gaming device).

Administrative Regulation no. 19/2021, dated 21 June 2021 (DICJ framework).

DICJ Guidelines in force.

Concession and Sub-concession Contracts with the Concessionaires and Sub-Concessionaires.

3.         Lotteries and Sports Lotteries

Concession Contract with Sociedade de Lotarias Wing Hing Limitada, dated 24 August 1990 and extended until 31 December 2020 (Chinese Lotteries).

Ordinance no. 138/ninety eight/M, dated 5 June 1998 (Sports Lottery – Football).

Chief Executive Order no. 62/2000, dated 27 April 2000 (Sports Lottery – Basketball).

Executive Order no. 8/2004 of 3 March 2004 (Lottery “Pacapio” Regulation).

Concession Contract provided to SLOT – Sociedade de Lotarias e Apostas Mútuas Limitada, dated 21 February 1989, valid until five June 2021.

Executive Order no. 20/2005 of 27 May 2005 (basketball making a bet).

Executive Order no. 67/2018 of 20 April 2018 (soccer betting).

four.         Interactive Gaming

International Comparative Prison Publications Defined inside the Macau Gaming Law because the video games of threat in which a prize in coins or different cost is offered or can be won underneath the respective policies, a player enters or participates in the sport with the aid of telecommunication, inclusive of phones, telefaxes, “internet” get admission to, facts networks, transmission of video indicators or digital information, and to accomplish that, both consents to make payments in cash or another value, and the sport is also supplied or permitted as a game of chance or through an electronic or mechanical gaming device in casinos in Macau.

Note: regulation has not but been enacted.

5.         Criminal Penalty Regime

Law no. eight/96/M, dated 22 July 1996 (Illicit Gaming Act).

Law no. nine/ninety six/M, dated 22 July 1996 (Criminal Offences in Animal Racing Act).

Law no. 6/97/M, dated 30 July 1997 (Organized Crime Act), partly revoked.

Law no. 2/2006, dated 3 April 2006 (Anti-money Laundering Act).

Law no. three/2006, dated 3 April 2006 (Anti-terrorism Financing Act).

Administrative Regulation no. 7/2006, dated 7 April 2006 (preventive measures for the crimes of cash laundering and financing of terrorism).

Instruction no. 1/2016, dated 21 April 2016, with amendments delivered through Instruction no. 1/2019 (DICJ’s Instruction on Anti-cash Laundering and Combatting of the Financing of Terrorism for the Gaming Sector).

2.1        What regulatory licences, lets in, authorisations or other professional approvals (together, “Licences”) are required for the lawful offer of the Relevant Products to people positioned in your jurisdiction?

International Comparative Prison Publications In general terms for all elements of the enterprise, Macau follows an administrative concession machine, below which the Government and private entities, legally integrated in Macau as a public limited agency by way of stocks (S.A. organizations), enter right into a concession contract with the Macau SAR.  This is the case for the operation of casino games which followed a selection made via an global bidding manner installed region via the Macau Government.  The operation of casino games, pari-mutuels (horse racing), lotteries and sports lotteries (restrained to football and basketball) can only be legally pursued with the aid of a concession settlement between Macau SAR and each concessionaire.

According to the Gaming Law, applicants should actually have a dealing with director who shall be a Macau permanent resident proudly owning at least 10% of the applicant corporation’s share capital.

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